Cities and Knights of Catan Review

Cities and Knights of Catan
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After falling in love with the original game, I decided to get an expansion pack and this is the first one I got. Great decision.
A little note if you are considering this expansion: be prepared to spend more time learning the game. It takes a lot of looking back at the manual to get the hang of it.
Once you get going, you will become even more hopelessly addicted to the game. You get to build giant cathedrals which are twice the value of cities. You also get to fight the barbarian with your knights - which brings all the people playing the game to side WITH each other instead of AGAINST each other.
But I think the ultimate feature in this expansion are the new cards involved. When you draw a development card, you get the coolest options such as viewing everyone's cards and basically taking what you want... as well as other things... such as being able to hold up to 13 cards in your hands if you have the right amount of cities, etc.
Also new in this game is the merchant which allows you a 2 for 1 trade which can be moved around just like the robber.
Get this expansion!!! You will love it!

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Expand the Fun and Strategy! Building on the original game, Cities and Knights adds many new, exciting elements to the Settlers of Catan. Dark clouds are gathering over the peaceful island of Catan. Wild barbarians, attracted by the wealth of Catan, sailed to attack the country. Fortunately, warning has given Catan time to meet the danger. The size of the barbarian army corresponds to the number of cities in Catan. Thus, for Catan to fend off the barbarian attack, the players must form a knight force as strong as the barbarian force. In addition to the barbarians, players compete to build the three great metropolises of Catan. Each of these magnificent centers are worth two additional victory points. To build a metropolis, players must invest in city improvements. To acquire these improvements, players must acquire the three new types of Trade Cards- Coinage, Paper, and Cloth. These cards can only be gained by building a city next to mountain, forest, or pasture hexes. Prepare for new challenges and a longer game! The Original Settlers of Catan is required to play Cities and Knights. Includes 5-6 Player Expansion for Cities and Knights. (ages 10+)

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