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This is a great game! Far better than Tivial Pursuit, where most of us look like ignorant, forgetful people. This game has cards that are categorized by letter of the alphabet.
I'm a high school teacher, and for years have used two Oodles cards a day with my students. They really enjoy it. The questions cover a huge variety of topics -- sports, tv, food, literature, economics, history, just about anything and everything. I don't think I've ever played the game according to the rules, with the gameboard and keeping score. It's just fun to ask questions from the cards.
Sometimes when we go on trips, I'll put a small stack of Oodles cards in my coat pocket. It's a fun way to laugh and learn when you're waiting for your dinner to be served.
This is one game that won't just collect dust.

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There are 10 Oodlers on each card and all of them have answers that start with the same letter. Slide an Oodles card into the electronic Oodle Timer and you're ready to play. If you answer the first Oodler correctly, move on to the next one. But answer incorrectly and anybody can jump in with the correct answer. The first player to correctly answer the last Oodler on the card wins it. The first player with 5 cards wins the game.

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