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Have a six year old with nothing to do? Want to find a way to interact with your children? Then try Play Ball by Gamewright. Gamewright has created a truly unique game that makes learning addition fun.
Play Ball is fast and easy to learn. The instructions are clear and easy to follow and I was up and playing in less than three minutes. What makes this game different is that way it teaches cooperation and sportsmanship to the very young.
Educators, parents and kids will spend hours learning to add to nine. A great game for those rainy days when you have nothing to do. Play ball is small enough to travel and extremely easy to store.
Play ball is priced to fit any and all budgets. Play Ball is a definite winner.

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Playballs baseball theme comes directly from our fans requests. Sports are one way to learn about math, strategy, and competition. Players use addition and grouping skills to field teams equal to nine points in each of the four-color suit. Their opponents strategically use their action cards to block. Addition and matching skills come into play in game plays for younger players.

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