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Odds R Board Game
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I purchased OddsR as a gift for my wife this past December. We first played it with family and friends on New Years Day. The age range of those playing was 13 to the late 50's, including older teens in college, thus a disparate age group was represented. After setting up and explaining the rules, we broke up into teams and proceeded with play.
The play was fast enough to keep up interest yet paced so that one could enjoy and even savor each round, especially if successful. The questions were both thought provoking and quite amusing at the same time. Well thought out and difficult enough to challenge the most fastidious of minds yet not beyond the comprehension of the younger players. Thus, a game conducive to
family as well as adult only play. Unusual in board games.
When the game was completed, all involved breathed a sigh of satisfaction and spoke in reverence of the game and in anticipation of the next time we could play. My college age son took the game back to college with him and played several times with his roommates (all quite intelligent). I was informed that they loved the game and the challenge and amusement it
provided and looked forward to playing it when time allowed. The betting as well as the intellectual aspect of OddsR seemed to appeal to their sense of gaming as well as "battle of the wits".
The author of the game was obviously an irreverent sort, yet bordering on genius in the manner he concocted the game theme and play. I think this game will go down as one of the classics in Board games for years to come. Highly recommended!

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This is a multiple-choice trivia game with a wagering system that allows all players to bet on the expected answer before it's given. A lottery, fed by initial seeding and all lost wagers, provides the other principal source of income in the game. There are also some random benefits and penalties associated with each square landed on. The board contains three tiers, with minimum bets and random payouts increasing as each new level is reached.

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