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Mag Blast is the best table top game I have ever played! It's a space combat card game, but unlike other card games all you will ever need to play is in this box. Each player chooses an alien race with a specific ability. Cards are dealt and galactic mayhem begins!
Basically, the object of the game is to defend your flagship while trying to destroy your opponent's flagship. Surrounding your flagship are smaller spaceships that do combat with your enemy's fleet. By placing a card, you can shoot lasers of various destructive powers, launch fighters and bombers, repair your damaged fleet, lay a mine field, pirate your enemy's ships and even call in reinforcements. The artwork on the cards are really cool to look at too!
The action is fast, fun and furious!!! The game is easy to learn and can be played in less than a half hour. The game is awesome and addictive, I find myself thinking about it in my mind when it's been awhile since I've last played it. Overall, I can't think of a better gift to be found under a sci-fi gamer's Christmas tree!

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The time for talk has passed - and Mag Blasts speak louder than words! Mag Blast is a game of screaming space battles, where 2-8 players take command of a fleet of Scouts, Gunships, Dreadnaughts, Destroyers, and even more frightening ships in an effort to blow up their opponent's fleet of Scouts, Gunships - you get the idea. Featuring Fantasy Flight Game's patented "Make a Silly Noise or Miss" Blast Targeting System, Mag*Blast packs more laughs per square inch than any other starfleet-battling ship-exploding science-fiction card game named Mag*Blast on the market! Mag*Blast 3rd Edition features brand new artwork by renowned cartoonist John Kovalic, as well as new action cards and direct hit effects, streamlined rules, and ten all-new races.

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