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Flea Circus
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Although the box says the game is for players 6 and older, my kids have enjoyed this game at much earlier ages. I originally ordered this thinking it was a different game called Flea Circus by Reiner Knizia from Rio Grande. This is a similar but quite different game.
The idea is simple. You are setting up a flea circus and want it to be the most successful. You do this by playing cards in front of you. Most of the cards represent an attraction (i.e. Strongman flea, Fatman flea, Ice Cream Vendor flea, etc.). When an attraction is played, you lure audience members to your circus. These are represented by plastic dogs and cats. Depending on cards played by you and others, the dogs and cats can come from a general pool or from other people's circuses. Play ends when there are no more dogs or cats in the middle. The player with the most animals wins.
We sometimes play a less competitive version which is also faster. In this version we only take animals from the center and not each other unless the specific card says so (like Free Ticket of Animal Catcher). This avoids some disappointment. But either way my kids love the game. It is small and easy to pack for trips which is a real pus for me. Unfortunately it does have small pieces so parents should be advised.

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STEP RIGHT UP! Calling all Cats and Dogs! The Flea Circus is about to begin! It's a wild time under the Big Top as dogs and cats race from one show to the next. Players use their best Flea Circus acts to attract the most cats and dogs. Play your cards right and you can steal the audience away from your neighbor! But watch out for the Animal Catcher... He'll snatch your cats and dogs away! With all this excitement, how's a Flea Ring Circus supposed to keep up? When all the cats and dogs are gone, whoever ends up with the most animals at their show wins the game! 2-6 players Awards & Acknowledgements...light, fast, and fun. Recommended Age: 6 and Up

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