Madagascar Animal Trivia DVD Game Review

Madagascar Animal Trivia DVD Game
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Our family loves to play games together, but it can be trying at times to ensure "fairness" and a good time had by all when the youngest member of our family, Adam, feels he's playing at a disadvantage. Who wants to play when you're the youngest and you think you might lose? Mom has the same problem, owing to a competitive streak formed in early childhood.
We've recently discovered a new product that takes away this dilemma and ensures a fun family gaming experience. Newly released from the folks at bEQUAL, in partnership with DreamWorks, the Madagascar Animal Trivia DVD Game will be a hit with your entire family.
I recently took time to play the game with my sons, ages thirteen and ten, and can vouch for the game's educational and entertainment value, but I thought I'd let the boys chime in and share their own opinions. To preface their remarks, I'll say that these are some astute gamers - they're not easily entertained by gimmicky products, and they bore easily with certain video games that are too easily mastered. We tested the game both on our home television and in our car's rear DVD player.
Here's what the boys had to say about the Madagascar Animal Trivial DVD game:
Adam - 10 years old: "This is a family trivia game about animals and it's played on a DVD. Its theme is Madagascar, a new computer animated movie for kids. This game, in my opinion, is great for kids, even as young as five years old. I learned lots about animals playing this game."
Eric - 13 years old: "Madagascar is a family-oriented DVD trivia game. Its questions about animal life can entertain people of any age. One feature that makes the game more enjoyable for everyone is Dynamic Leveling. Based on how many questions you answer correctly, the questions become harder or easier as you go on. The competition is fun for everyone, and anyone can win. Kids will have a great time showing their knowledge about animals with the backdrop of the movie Madagascar."
I'm typically not a big proponent of video games, but I found the Madagascar Animal Trivia DVD Game to be a high quality product. As Eric stated, the Dynamic Leveling feature kept the game fair (even for Mom, who knows much less about animals than her boys!). Additionally, the game features a variety of question formats, stunningly photographed animal footage, and over 1600 questions on animals of all types, making it a true learning experience. Single player and time limit options are also available.
Great for families with school aged children, the one limitation I can see to this product is that only four people can play at one time...larger families may have to exercise some "turn taking", as your kids (and their parents) will likely want to participate once they see this game. That said, I'd recommend the Madagascar Animal Trivia DVD Game for families looking to enjoy a new take on family game night, or an updated alternative to Slug Bug, car bingo, and family sing-alongs in the minivan!

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Test your knowledge of tropical critters with this Madagascar animal DVD trivia game. Starring characters from the hit DreamWorks film, this interactive game uses animation and National Geographic footage to quiz your wildlife know-how. Dynamic leveling automatically adjusts play so each player has a chance to win. All you need are a TV, DVD player and a remote control(not included). Comes with a Madagascar movie poster. For 1-4 players. Ages 6 years and up. Made in USA.

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