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Electronic TABOO
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If you have the standard version of Taboo, you might wonder why you need the fancy-schmancy electronic edition of Hasbro's popular restricted-clue word-guessing game. With an LCD screen and a mechanized lid, there's just more to go wrong, right? Maybe--but several new and improved benefits make it worth it.
The electronic version features more puzzles (2200), three skill levels (determined by the number of taboo clues--3, 5, or 7), variable game lengths (4, 6, or 8 words per round) and for those of us with tiny closets, a smaller box! Even more improved is the buzzer. Lots of people liked Taboo the first time they played it, only to learn to loathe the aggravating, obnoxious sound the buzzer makes when a player says a taboo clue word. The new buzzer, which is smaller and fits neatly into the base of the game unit itself (check out the extra photo Amazon provides above), is now more of a pleasant chirp. That alone could bring players back to Taboo in droves, but the automatic scorekeeping and compact design (the main unit is passed around between players--one machine is all you need for multiple players) should help a bit too. If you liked the original game, the Platinum edition is definitely worth the extra bucks.

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