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Monopoly Town
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I bought this game for my sons 5th birthday thinking it'd be a lot of fun to play and he could play with ease. Imagine the disappointment he and I both felt when it didn't work. The car counts the spaces as you move it, however it didn't always register the spaces.. sometimes I could move 4-5 spaces and it'd only count 1, and sometimes I'd move 1 space as told and it'd tell me to move back 3. We returned it and got a new one hoping it was just a defective one, but no, the second one was just as horrible. We returned it and are looking at other games for him now.

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Join Mr. Monopoly as he makes his way around town! Mr. Monopoly does all the talking to guide you through town -- if he tells you to move forward two spaces, you know what to do... and if you make a mistake, he'll let you know! Play money and building blocks help make counting fun. And building is easy -- just add a block when you land on a colored space. No reading required. Game board comes with Mr. Monopoly in a car, track (in four pieces), play money, green building blocks, 28 roofs and instructions. Adult assembly required. For two to four players.

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