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I Spy 3-D
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First, the biggest problem: The "glasses" are not very well done cardboard things, the norm for stuff like this, nothing we haven't seen before. But while the box says ages 5+, they don't fit very well on littler heads. My son is nearly 7, and they still don't fit well and makes it more annoying than fun for him to play with this.
However, the 3D cards are actually pretty impressive. You can actually "see" the pictures and such floating above the cards, and when you reach out with your finger, looks like you can slide it underneath. The 3D works very well.
It can be tough, though, to discern the colors on some of the smaller items with the 3d glasses on.
What's not so obvious from the pictures (I'll upload some more so there's more than the default picture) is that there's no board, the big square it shows is actually made up of cards lined up next to each other. There are a lot of cards. :)
So while it's not going to get used too much right now because my son doesn't like the glasses that don't fit very well (would've been nice had they made a couple sizes in there, maybe one or two for smaller heads and the rest for larger ones), as he grows into the glasses I'm sure we'll play with it more.

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Read the riddles and explore the 3D titles to find the floating objects and solve the riddle. Create the game board by laying down the 3D tiles - always a different pattern. Collect the most tiles to win. Includes 4 ChromaDepth 3D glasses, 40 I Spy 3D tiles, 10 riddle cards, plus rules for multiple ways to play. For 1-4 players.

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