Family Board Games Saint Petersburg Review

Family Board Games Saint Petersburg
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Need I say more? The best game ever! :-)
(My excitement for this game unfortunately hasn't carried over to most of my friends, who groan whenever I mention wanting to play this game again and again)

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Baroque palaces, wide boulevards, and elegant bridges: St Petersburg. On May 16, 1703, Czar Peter the Great lays the foundation for the first building. Quickly impressive buildings are erected that are ever more grand and beautiful. Such buildings bring the aristocracy glory and the players victory points. But you need traders to bring the rubles necessary for all this magnificence, otherwise, the buildings are empty and bare. But the competition never sleeps and may grab needed cards right from under your nose. St Petersburg: the card game of beautiful living on the Neva. Ages 10 and Up - 2 to 4 Players

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