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Duel of Ages Worldspanner
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Imagine that the gods became bored, picked up a handful of people from throughout history, and tossed them into an arena to fight for their deific amusement. This, then, is Duel of Ages. It is a board game with a dynamically-constructed hex grid and the ability to play as Beowulf with a flamethrower and and ATV. Silly, yes, but a lot of fun and some good strategy, too. Different historical characters have different attacks, defenses, ranges, etc., and with more than a few players the game plays out not so much like a duel but like a tiny war. There is enough dice-rolling to inject some fluidity into the game, but enough stat-based fighting to make sure it doesn't become random. A good mix of strategy and classic gaming. Pick this one up.

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Duel of Ages (set 1: Worldspanner)

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