Dr Seuss Grinch Christmas Bingo Review

Dr Seuss Grinch Christmas Bingo
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I was hoping it would be more fun - it was ok. Not enough "present" pieces to use as markers and the pictures on the cards are a bit tough to discern. It's a little tough for younger children to play. The Who House is cute and the concept is good - older kids or adults will have to help younger children.

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Get five gifts in a row to win - but watch out for the Grinch!Ring in the holiday with a whole new take on the Dr. Seuss Christmas classic. Take a gift token from under the tree and see if you can find a match. But watch out - if you draw a Grinch tile, it's anyone's guess what will happen next! Drop the "Grinchy" coin down the chimney. The Grinch may steal your presents, or bring heart-warming holiday cheer. A whimsical Seussian twist on an all-time favorite game that's fun for all ages!

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