D9 Gift Set Plus Game Book Review

D9 Gift Set Plus Game Book
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I was very please with the vendor, they supported prime which is a plus, and it arrive quickly, and in perfect condition!

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The Double 9 Dominoes & Game Book Gift Set is a 55-piece, professional size, uniform-sized colored dot, Double-9 domino set packaged with PuremcoÆs Great Book of Domino Games. This 96-page domino game book includes rules to 68 domino games. 55 domino games can be played with the attached Double-9 set, including the games of Chickenfoot¬, Mexican Train«, Muggins, 5-Up, Cuban Dominoes, Sebastopol, Sniff, 42, 84, Moon, Solitaire and 44 others. The rules to 13 of these games require special sets of dominoes, including Spinner&30169;, PIPÖ and Oriental dominoes. Domino size: 1" x 2" x 3/8" thick. Gift packaged in a heavy-duty cellophane see-thru cover and a printed, descriptive chipboard case. Clear plastic centerpiece included.

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