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Go buy this game right away!! It's a very simple strategy game but has such versatility, in that, each game is so different each time you play it.
The basic concept of the game is to set-up houses on different sectioned off farm lands on the board. That part is easy....the tough part is supplying your homes with a water supply from the "aquadukt," by constructing ever-changing canals leading from water wells. There's a little bit of luck and strategy to the game which makes it fun and competitive at the same time.
The game plays quickly. I played with a group of 4 in an average time of 60 mins. The only complaint regarding the game is that the 20-sided die is cheaply made and the paint easily chips off. We purchased a new die to replace it.
You'll enjoy this family friendly game!

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BUILDING HOUSES ISN'T HARD BUT SUPPLYING THEM WITH WATER SURE IS! In accordance with the farmers' rules of the ancient Roman provinces, players settle the fertile land with their houses. However, even the most luxurious houses are worthless without a reliable water supply. If a player does not supply his houses with water before the region they are in is completely developed, the residents, good or bad, must leave and the house does not earn the player any points. The player who best uses clever tactics , along with a little luck, to place wells and canals at the right time while securing the best building spaces, will outmaneuver their opponents and win the game!

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