Kidztoyz Kawasaki 49-Key Musical Keyboard Review

Kidztoyz Kawasaki 49-Key Musical Keyboard
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I wanted a more "serious" keyboard for my 3 1/2 year old, to replace his LeapFrog® Learn & Groove Musical Table. This didn't come with a stand, but he just puts it on the coffee table when he uses it.
Although I had to show him (a few times) what the different buttons do, he caught on very fast. Any young child who can follow directions should be able to use the record and play feature by himself. He loves to make up his own songs.
There are ten instrument buttons: piano, trumpet, organ, guitar, violin, flute, bell, xylophone, saxophone, and music box (which is just tones). The guitar does sound like a guitar, and each selection has itsown distinct sound, but the piano sound is poor quality compared to other keyboards. However, this is not a professional keyboard, so I wasn't surprised.
My son doesn't use the rhythm buttons (pop rock, waltz, ballad, beat pop, country, funk, R&B, twist, fusion, tango) at all yet, but he loves the drum selections (bass, snare, hi hat, cymbal, tambourine, cowbell), and I thought they were pretty good too.
I was pleased that there is a volume control, and the buttons are perfect sizes for little fingers.
Another reason I bought this keyboard was to find out how serious my son was about playing, before I spend money on something with better overall quality. I also wanted to see how well he would take care of it.

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== Key Features == // * 10 Rhythms,10 Instruments, 29 Demo Songs / * 49 Keys / * Record and Playback / * Assorted Colors / * Age range: 5 + / * Batteries: 4 AA included / * Fully Assembled // == Overview == // Check out this keyboard that lets your child compose and record tunes to their favorite songs. Have them show their friends the mini-Mozart within!

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