Settlers of Catan Mega Bundle Review

Settlers of Catan Mega Bundle
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If you're like me, you got introduced to Catan by playing the 3-4 player 'basic' game. I learned the hard way, getting beat repeatedly by more experienced players who were allegedly my friends. Catan is a game both simple in its concept and yet incredibly complex and difficult to master. Learning it in the natural order of the expansion packs therefore makes a lot of sense. That's why, despite the fact that Catan and all of its expansions are fantastic, I cannot recommend this collection to anyone but a seasoned Catan veteran.
Getting every expansion from the get-go might encourage a lot of jumping from expansion to expansion without really engaging each expansion properly. Seafarers itself can provide years and years of game play without boredom setting in. Unless you've already played AT LEAST half of the expansions in this set, I would recommend starting modestly and working your way out to the newest expansion packs. Otherwise you may miss some of the finer points of Catan strategy. It could also be daunting to try to learn all of the rules for each expansion right away.
All that said, each Catan expansion is excellent, and this is a perfect set to buy if you already have played a lot of Catan, know you like it, and don't want to pull any punches. If you're addicted to Catan, this is the perfect set to buy. It will give you everything you need to play Catan basically forever.
A note: this is the new 4th generation set. I prefer the more muted graphics of the 3rd generation, but that is purely aesthetic preference.

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The ultimate Settlers of Catan bundle. Everything you need to enjoy this great game!Includes:Settlers of Catan & the 5-6 player expansion 4th edition-Seafarers of Catan & the 5-6 player expansion 4th edition-Cities & Knights of Catan & the 5-6 player expansion 4th edition-Traders & Barbarians & the 5-6 player expansion 4th edition-Fishermen of Catan AND The Great River Tile.

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