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Disney Monopoly
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Monopoly! One of the greatest board games ever made. This special Disney edition makes the game much more interesting. You can buy properties from many different Disney movies and build cottages on them. The cottages are from the white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland. The other exiting feature is the replacement of the original hotel with the enchanted Disney castle. The board is shiny and has almost all of your favorite Disney characters. The movers are all very shiny and beatifully made. There is Pinnochio, Peter Pan, Alice, Aurora, Mowgli, Lady and Tramp, Dumbo, and so many other pieces. The Disney edition could also be very educational for young kids ranging from 5 to 8 years old. They will learn Monopoly and have fun with all of the properties and characters from their favotite Disney movies. If you like Monopoly and you love the enchantment of Disney, then you will absolutely love this edition of Monopoly. BUY IT! You'll love it and have fun with your friends and family and if your a collector, buy it and add it to your collection. HAVE FUN!!!!

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Product DescriptionEditorial ReviewAll of your favorite Disney characters are featured in classic Monopoly style for a family game that everyone can enjoy. You already know how to play, so nothing has changed--except a few things that actually make this version collectible. Solid pewter moving pieces feature Snow White, a coupled Lady & The Tramp, Cinderella, Pinocchio, Dumbo, Alice, and Baboo. Property is represented as a cottage and the Prince's well-known castle. Scrooge McDuck, naturally, is featured on all Monopoly money in place of Rich Uncle Pennybags. --Diane Beall Product DescriptionGet ready for a magic-carpet ride as you play this captivating Disney Edition of the world's most popular board game. The gameboard features scenes from over 20 classic disney films that are sure to spark fond memories. Special features include: *8 collectible playing pieces including snow white and pinocchio *Magic moments and Show time cards to magically reward you or send you on a mad chase around the board! *White Rabbit Cottages and Sleeping Beauty Castles to build on your properties. This enhanced game appeal to all monopoly game enthusiasts and to Disney fans the world over! Please look at my pictures the item itself is complete and intact the box... although for the most part good has a slight tear note in picture and also some tape to one corner of box... otherwise boxlooks perfect.

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