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25 Random Things About Me
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I ordered this game because it sounded interesting, even though I never played the internet version of it. It's a fun game where you get to find out things about your fellow players, but it's rather long and drawn out. I made a rule to speed up the game. Depeding on how many are playing (up to six) if you match three or more players, you can check off a line on your sheet. Also, there's no way to verify if someone is lying, which means someone can just say yes to every question posed just to win the game.

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The latest greatest, online list-making craze! Now in a game!Teen/Adult (Age 13+) 2-6 PlayersYou know where they went to school, you know all about their job, you know how much they love their dog, but how well do you really know your friends and family? And, how well do you they know you?What are the random things that make you YOU? Do you like cold pizza? Have you ever bungee jumped? Can you speak a foreign language (or at least-Latin)? Was the last presidential election the first one you actually voted in? Which side of the bed do you sleep on? These are the fun little facts about people that make them unique.In 25 Random Thing About Me- The Game you'll try to match fun facts on the game cards with your opponents. Come on, you know for sure that your sister always sleeps with her socks on and you're pretty certain that your best friend knows all the words to the Friends theme song. Make a match and add a new, totally random thing about yourself to your list. The first person to complete a list of 25 random things about them wins. (It's great fun to review everyone's list at the end of the game!) Best of all, you can play again and again. Every game is different!Play 25 Random Things About Me...and get to know the people you thought you already knew.Contents:200 "Random Things" cards Pad of "List" forms ID and matching tokens RulesMade in the USA

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