Andy Mac Zon Complete Skateboard (7.625 x 31.625) Review

Andy Mac Zon Complete Skateboard (7.625 x 31.625)
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This is an excellent board. First off, disregard the reviews that play this skateboard off as unworthy of their feet. The only reason someone would say this is if they were a spoiled brat that gets whatever $160 skateboard setup they desire, whenever they ask their rich parents. There is a point; If you are very picky, this is not your skateboard. It is a basic setup: The wheels are white polyurethane. The bearings (I assume are around ABEC 3) roll well, but don't spin for minutes when you spin the wheel with your hand. The deck itself is superb, and unless you have a size preference, it is a well constructed deck for any skill level. The picture on the bottom is pretty cool, but if you don't like it, paint it (that's what I did)! The metal that the trucks are made of seems to be mediocre, but they work and are probably no less efficient than any brand name trucks. The bushings provide excellent turning, and the kingpin is good (not that it really matters). The hardware is basic (anyone who sees that their hardware must be pink and have logos all over them is just too picky. So, it is a well rounded skateboard.
When at first seeing it on amazon for 40 dollars, I was skeptical. Over the past 6 years of skateboarding I have always went to my local shop for new parts and mini logo decks, so I have always figured that anything less than what is at U.S.S. is garbage. But I was in need of a new deck and skate shoes, and a Mini Logo alone would have costed me $40. So I took the chance of wasting my money and bought this skateboard. It came in 4 days (that is very fast for free shipping). So far I have no complaints with it and am so satisfied that if Amazon continues to sell this skateboard, I will buy! The only things I see to do in the future it upgrade to better bearings, but besides that I got a complete skateboard for 40 dollars. A good skateboard. So if you are in need for a new ride and are limited on money, buy this!
*Warning: After wearing out this board I tried to remove the nuts from the kingpin of the trucks included and found that they were made of cheap metal that strips. The washers below those nuts will also bend and become immobile. I had a hell of a time getting the two nuts off, so I recommend buying new hardware for this.

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Designed by world champion skateboarder Andy Macdonald, Andy Mac Skateboards are extremely high quality at an affordable price. The boards are suitable for beginning skateboard enthusiasts as well as advanced skaters.
Manufactured by Skate One Corporation, a leading skateboard builder for 29 years, the Andy Mac Zon Skateboard has been carefully designed and developed using the highest-quality materials and manufacturing equipment.

A Message from Andy Macdonald Skateboarding has always been, first and for most, about having fun. As a professional, I've always wanted to be able to give back to the sport that has given me so much. One way to do that is to make skateboarding--fun skateboarding--more accessible to more kids. That's the idea behind Andy Mac Skateboards.

The age at which kids begin skateboarding has become much younger in the past five years. In most instances, these new skaters are not buying their boards at specialty skate shops. Rather, they get their board where their parents shop--at a discounter, mass merchandiser or a sporting goods chain. Most all skateboards found at these retailers are designed as toys, not sports equipment, meaning the quality and performance is poor, and the experience of using them not fun. And I was getting pretty tired of seeing kids have a bad first experience on their new skateboard.

"Toy" skateboards are available just about everywhere these days and they cost about twenty bucks. Although they look like true skateboards, they definitely are not. A real skateboard turns when you want it to turn and has wheels that grip and roll smoothly. Traditionally, the only place to find such a product was in a specialty shop, where even a first-time skater must spend more than a hundred dollars for a "complete" board. That\'s a lot of money for a new skater or their parent to spend--more than most can afford. That's where my brand comes in.

An Andy Mac complete costs $59.99 and is the perfect entry-level skateboard. These are real boards--the same exact board I ride when I street skate. And I even use a modified version of this board in all my vert competitions! I spent two years developing this board with Powell Skateboards, a company that has been building skateboards for almost thirty years. The idea was that if we can build it good enough for me, it\'ll be good enough for any new skater.

I want kids to have an awesome first experience skateboarding and I know my boards can provide that. My hope is that kids all over the world will discover the same fun and enjoyment I get from skateboarding every day.

So enjoy, and please let me know how you like this board. There is truly no other board on the market like it.

Peace, Andy Macdonald

About Andy Macdonald:

Eight-time World Cup Skateboarding overall points champion
Eight-time X-Games gold medalist
Set a Guinness world record for his skateboard ramp jump of nearly 57 feet
His image was published on a U.S. postage stamp
Honored by President Bill Clinton at the White House for his participation in The Partnership for a Drug-Free America

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