Leap Frog Leap in a Line Game Review

Leap Frog Leap in a Line Game
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We have bought leap frog products for our son since he was an infant. I have loved them all, as has my son. He is 4yrs old now and got this game for Christmas. It is still a great educational toy, but it is not made well. The idea is like connect four, but the cardboard pieces don't fall in and out as well as they should, and some of the games depend on you lining the bus up on a cardboard mat on the ground. It is difficult for my little one to line up the columns on the ground with the appropriate columns above, as the don't line up that great. It is a good educational toy, but not what I have come to expect from leap frog products.

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This fun learning game teaches kids a variety of skills, and is even shaped like a school bus to help prepare them for school. There are five different ways to play, but in every game you find strategy, social interaction and critical thinking. Leap-in-a-Line teaches kids to identify patterns, shapes, colors, sizes, letters, beginning sounds, matching, sequencing, logic and word positioning. Kids learn while having a blast.

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