Star Trek :Continuum Monopoly Review

Star Trek :Continuum Monopoly
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We are a family of Trek fans, and this was a Christmas present we were really looking forward to. Unfortunately, it shipped without the playing pieces. Hoping we can get replacements from the manufacturer, who has been difficult to contact to this point. Aside from the missing pieces, the Trek adaptation is cool, but the lack of quality control on the pieces costs it a star.

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The game you love... the characters you can't get enough of! Journey through the Star Trek continuum! Includes Trekkie-themed pewter tokens. It's fun for the whole family! Journey through the Star Trek continuum and explore generations of exciting Starfleet history. Buy, sell, and trade the most memorable Trek locations. This highly entertaining version of Monopoly includes 'Sensor Readings' (Chance) and 'Subspace Transmission' (Community Chest) cards, as well as 6 collectible, Trekkie-themed pewter tokens: Shuttlecraft, Phaser, Klingon Goblet, Communicator, Captain's Chair, and Vulcan Harp. You gotta get this!

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