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I am a Monopoly and toy collector plus I grew up with Big Bird and the gang. I own many monopoly editions but when I saw this version I was taken away with awe. This edition is plain and simply GOURGEOUS! I could go on and on forever telling you how beautiful and wonderful this Sesame Street Monopoly is but I will just go directly to the description. ENJOY!!!
BOARD: In the center is a beautiful photograph of Big Bird holding the 123 Sesame Street sign, The Count, Grover, Cookie Monster, Oscar, Elmo, Prairie Down, Ernie, Zoe and Bert. And it also has the 35 anniversary logo.
PROPERTIES: Purple: Twiddle Bug Windowbox & Barkley's Doghouse
Light Blue: Sherlock Hemlock's Detective Agency, Martians' Home on Mars & Biff and Sully's Construction Co.
Magenta: Charlie's Restaurant, Sesame Street Library & The Mail-It Shop
Orange: Guy Smiley's Game Show, Mumford's Magic Shop & Super Grover's Phone Booth
Red: The Count's Castle, Bert's Rooftop Pigeon Coop & Ernie's Bathtub
Yellow: Elmo's World, Oscar's Trash Can & Cookie Monster's Bakery
Green: Furry Arms Hotel, Sesame Street Courtyard & Big Bird's Nest
Blue: Hooper's Store & 123 Sesame Street
Each features a beautiful picture of a different Sesame Street character (on the board not the deeds).
RAILROADS: Oscar's Taxi Service, Furry Monster Ferry Line, Bus Stop & Sesame Street Subway
UTILITIES: Oscar's Recycling Center & Sesame Street Fire Department
INCOME TAX: $75 for tickets to Monsterpiece Theater and Buy the letter of the day 10% or $200.
MONEY: $1-Super Grover, $5-Elmo, $10-Bert, $20-Ernie, $50-Cookie Monster, $100-Oscar, $500-Big Bird. Each "signed" by the featured character.
CHANCE & COMMUNITY CHEST CARDS: Instead of Chance cards you get Block Party which features Zoe and Elmo. And instead of Community Chest you draw from Street Smarts with Little Bird. They all have great color photographs on them which is a treat other monopoly versions skip. Some examples are: Sell Bert your bottle caps collect $10, Win a disco contest with Grover collect $45, and Support your favorite non-profit organization, Sesame Workshop. Contribute $100 to help educate children around the world. Pretty cool, huh?
TOKENS: They are pewter tokens and nicely detailed. You get Big Bird, Bert, Ernie holding his rubber ducky, Oscar in his can, Cookie Monster holding a cookie, and Super Grover with his Super cape. Missing is Elmo which might not be a bad thing for the older fans.
THE BAD: Only six tokens? Why not included a purchase more tokens option like the Simpson's Monopoly has? Also the property deeds are plain unlike the Muppets and Simpson's Editions which have a color watermark silhouette on them (they do have the 123 Sesame Street logo on the back of each though). There are some MIA characters like Don Music and Roosevelt Franklin. But these are minor details that would not hurt an incredibly well done Monopoly Special Edition.
Overall this is one of the best monopoly editions ever made. This will appeal to children, adults and collectors. Educational? You bet. So in conclusion you have to buy this (of two if you are a collector). Have fun playing with your friends and young ones. Bye.

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Can you tell me how to get to...123 Sesame Street, to Big Bird's Nest, to Oscar's Trash Can, or Mr. Hooper's Store? The stakes are high as you compete to buy, sell, and trade these cherished landmarks from everyone?s favorite street. Try out your Street Smarts or take a chance at the Block Party. The fun never grows old as you celebrate 35 years of learning and laughter with Sesame Street friends.

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