Star Wars Universe Huge Pack Review

Star Wars Universe Huge Pack
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This Imperial AT-AT Walker stands 13" tall. I was suprised after measuring it that it was only that tall. It seems much taller. I absolutely love the detail and the shading/battle worn look. It makes an awesome addition to my collection(almost my favorite piece).
My only complaint is it's NOT poseable. I so badly want to tweak the legs and head to put it in my favorite position, but sadly I cannot. That's the only reason I took off 1 star. It's a minor complaint since it's so neat and for the price it really can't be beat.
I'd also like to praise I received this in 4 days after I ordered it through them(that's including the weekend). I highly recommend going straight through them. However be warned, if you're not wanting to open it I must tell you that mine was. It was re-taped to look as though it had never been opened. I don't know if Amazon did it or if it was returned and the buyer did it. Fortunately for me I'm not the kind of collector that wants virgin boxes. I just take the figure out and display it anyway. I'm sure it was a return and probably a rare situation for Amazon.
The price is right and shipping was low, too. This will easily be a highly sought after collector's item. Jump on it now while the price is low.

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The Universe Huge Pack contains a randomized selection of figures designed to enhance and expand any collection of Star Wars miniatures. The miniatures in this product are randomized and playable right out of the box and, for the first time, include huge figures similar in scale to previously released D&D huge figures. This is also the first set featuring legendary creatures and characters from all eras of the Star Wars timeline. # Seven randomized miniatures with stat cards, including one huge figure # Very rare, rare, common, and uncommon miniatures

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