Reveal Entertainment Food Lovers Trivia Game Review

Reveal Entertainment Food Lovers Trivia Game
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My friends and I are not food people but we love mind challenging games. Food Lover's Trivia is definitely a thought provoking and humbling way to discover food facts. I especially like that there's no board. I live in a small apartment with hardly any living room space. With 6 adults on my birthday armed with fruits, cheese, beer, dice, timer, and game cards - we had a feast on my tiny coffee table.

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Are you a food lover who likes trivia games or a trivia game lover who likes food? Whichever you are you'll love The Original Food Lover's Trivia game!This is the first game of its kind dedicated solely to food trivia. The game features 1,800 questions in the categories of Beverages, Geography and Culture, Ingredients, Recipes, Food People and Food Arts & Science. Get ready, Get set, Get comfortable! Game play is not confined to a game board, players gather their game pieces and get comfortable wherever they want to play! Teams of chefs are challenged by opposing teams of guests with trivia questions all about food. Players start with full plates and the winners are the first ones to Clean Your Plate The Original Food Lover's Trivia can be played in a variety of ways from the basic game Dinnertime to the added challenges offered in Care For Seconds? game play. Got Food? Get Game! Over 40 recipes and party ideas are included so that the game can be played with edible game pieces in the game options; Play With Your Food, Potlucky, The Diet Plate Special and The Blue Plate Special.For 2 to 6 Players or Teams.

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