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Be A Star Rewards Chart
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. . . but the execution/value for the price is horrible.
This "fillable" reward chart is well designed (although it could actually be a bit bigger as the movable stars - especially if you're working with more than one child/star - are too large for the "steps" up and down) and the concept is dead on.
However, come on now - $25!!!!!! It's a very flimsy piece of laminated (I'd guess 100 lb) paper with four also flimsy stars and an erasable marker. At that price, I expected the whole thing to be magnetic. The four small magnets on the back (to affix it to a refrigerator which is my family's choice) barely suffice.
I'm not the type to make something like this on my own, but if you have any talent to do so, I'd suggest you save the $25 . The retail on this shouldn't be more than $7 - 8.

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