Alex Toys Glow a Doodle Review

Alex Toys Glow a Doodle
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This toy is such a piece of junk! You have to unscrew a section of the back to put the batteries in. However, the screw must be made of lead, because the slot where the screwdriver fits immediately wore away, the metal practically smearing, leaving no way to get the screw out. I had to remove another section -- most screws came out, in order to open up the cover over the battery section -- this piece over the battery section popped off then, because the screw was undone, it just would not come out. But, that's not the worst of it. The on and off button gets stuck, and you have to use tweezers to get it unstuck.
The colored pencils are barely visible, and the eraser does not erase the colored pencils. The markers work, but they do not erase unless you erase immediately. Once the marker dries, it will not erase. The eraser becomes coated with this material, and it cannot be removed.
While the concept of this toy is really neat, and could be great fun for a child who enjoys art, it simply does not work as claimed, and it is made of the cheapest materials.

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Make beautiful glowing drawings on an ultraviolet board. When you're done, erase it and start all over again! Keep all of your drawing supplies in the hidden storage compartment. Comes with three neon dry erase markers, four neon pencils and five sheets of drawing paper. Try drawing in the dark. Requires 4 AA "LR-6" batteries (not included).

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