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My father is the history buff in the family and he shines in this. I bought this and brought it out when I had my parents and brother over for dinner. My brother and I, both adults, are embarrassingly ignorant of history. We had so much fun with this game. Since I knew we had an uneven playing field, we didn't bother with score keeping. We just had fun seeing who knew what and who could get the answer first. I hope to play this over and over. It is a great way to bring a family together and educate ourselves at the same time. I hope if we play it enough over the years my brother and I will brush up on a lot of what we missed. We had one person reading the cards and that person can relax since they aren't answering. That would be a good job for someone younger in the family. I was impressed that my dad knew most of the answers especially since I knew so few. We laughed and had one of our best family get-togethers ever.

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Historical Figures Edition is a trivia game that combines clues, facts and fun with some of history's most pivotal people. Four clues are given to describe a famous historical figure. The fewer clues needed to guess the answer, the higher the score.Presidents, authors, actors, and outlaws are just some of the notable figures and colorful characters included in Name Chase.

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