Classic Coral Stone & Red Marble Chess Set - 3" King Review

Classic Coral Stone and Red Marble Chess Set - 3 King
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This is best marble set I have seen and at a great price...I couldn't have found a better gift. It is perfect for my home...color and all.

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This classic chess set design has long been a standard for marble, onyx, and stone chess sets and continues to be popular today. The chess pieces have an attractive rustic Staunton look with slightly exaggerated features that facilitate carving solid stone. The coral stone and the red marble is a wonderful combination as it creates a sharp contrast of materials and color. Coral stone is one of the most interesting and unique stones used for chess sets as you will find a wide variety of sea shells and other fossilized marine life clearly visible in the stone. The red marble is primarily reddish-brownbut often has yellow and orange swirls that creates unique and colorful patterns. We cover the bottom of the chess board with felt to protect your furniture. This chess set is exclusively available through The Chess Store.

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