Talicor Seven Card Kriss Kross Review

Talicor Seven Card Kriss Kross
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The board game is a good, quick alternate to Sequence. The PC game is plain but well done. Both games require about as much concentration as cribbage or checkers. You can't beat the price for the combination of the two formats in one box.
(When I'd first submitted this review, the game was sold for about $12.)

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An exciting game concept combines a Board Game and a CD-ROM version of the same game in one box. Players can challenge friends on either the board game or a computer, or test their skills solo against the computer. Each round consists of 16 poker hands, 8 horizontal and 8 vertical. One player, or team, plays with Hearts and Diamonds. The other plays with Clubs and Spades. Each hand is completed when 7 cards are played in one row or column. The best poker hand in that row or column wins that hand. The player or team with the highest combined score of all 16 hands wins the game. There is a certain amount of luck but a great deal of strategy involved. This is a thinking persons game that challenges with a fun and innovative format. (System includes both Board Game and CD-ROM Game)

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