Murder Mystery Party - The Icicle Twist Review

Murder Mystery Party - The Icicle Twist
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I own this game (in its previous incarnation, with the floppy record, not the CD) and I can honestly say it is the worst Murder Mystery game I have played out of dozens of plays by multiple companies. The plot is uncomplicated and unfun.

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Invite your friends over for a get together with a twist! Here's a whodunit that'll send chills down your spine. A Denver ski trip turns to tragedy when a guest is murdered. No one knows which of the other party guests committed the crime. Is it Alicia Tomisini, the beautiful gal from the mean streets of New York? Michael Maitland, your host and the national Director of Defense? Clues will be uncovered and motives revealed as you search for the killer. It could even be you! Kit includes party planner (with menu, decorating tips and more), character booklets for all suspects, place cards, party invitations and envelopes, police report and authors' solution and a compact disc to set the scene. For 8 players.

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