Memoir '44 Airpack Expansion Review

Memoir '44 Airpack Expansion
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This expansion adds a fun twist and makes a fun board game even more interesting by adding military aircraft to the mix. Air power adds another dynamic to the battle as aircraft are not restricted by terrain issues on the ground, but it also adds some additional complexity on how you use your movement cards, etc. as aircraft must constantly be moving unlike infantry and tank units which can stop and go or not move in a given turn. The aircraft are also very nicely painted and detailed.

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This expansion for Memoir '44 includes eight beautifully painted airplanes and a booklet detailing the complete Air rules needed to fly those planes over the battlefields of WWII - from the Battle of Britain to the Battle of Midway, from the frigid skyways over Kursk to the balmy skies of Malta, and deep into Nazi territory. This monster-size expansion also includes a complete compilation of all 64 official Memoir '44 scenarios published to date, complete with revisions, as well as a 120-card deck describing every single terrain, special rule, troop type, and nation introduced since the game's launch on the 60 year anniversary of D-Day. Note: An original copy of Memoir '44 is required to play.

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