Magic Shapes 54 Piece Foam Blocks Review

Magic Shapes 54 Piece Foam Blocks
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This toy is a classic example of "you-get-what-you-pay-for." I chose this one instead of the more expensive magna-tiles. The set is very small. The square shapes are only 1.5", and the play board is only 7.5" square. The magnets are very weak. Pieces fall over and don't stick to the board. Structures fall apart easily before they can be completed. The magnets are placed only on the outside edges of the pieces, so it is not possible, for example, to build a six-sided block. It is really a 2-D set, not a 3-D set. The circle shapes do not have magnets at all.

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3 years & up. Children discover the properties of magnets while building with this unique 3-dimensional construction set that contains 54 pieces. The set has an assortment of shapes which allows for endless building possibilities. Magnet play board is included.

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