LifeStories -- Remember the time... Review

LifeStories -- Remember the time...
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This is a replacement for another LifeStories came that was used so much it needed to be replaced. It is just as good as the first game, even better. One of my favorite stories about this game was at a holiday gathering where a father learned more about his two sons than he had never known before. It brings people close, makes you laugh, cry, and it is fun! Great for a small group of people who are tired of cards, expensive electronics, and television. I especially like the card, "Tell a story about a key." Great delivery, new condition. Highly recommended.

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REMEMBER THE TIME... and remember the fun you had telling that story? And how much the others enjoyed it? LIFESTORIES is stories about life. It's a fun way for families and friends to get closer by telling each other their experiences and their points of view. LIFESTORIES is not competitive. Everybody wins. No one needs special knowledge. The way questions are worded, every person can participate at whatever level best fits both the person and the situation. LIFESTORIES can be an icebreaker. It can also enrich long-time relationships. LIFESTORIES will make you laugh and feel good about yourself and others. LIFESTORIES is something you'll talk about long after you've played it. LIFESTORIES uses a gameboard, cards, markers and a die. Each player rolls the die, moves the number of spaces the die indicates, draws a card and responds to the question it asks. LIFESTORIES can be played by ages 8 through adult. While children enjoy playing LIFESTORIES with older generations, the game is not designed for groups composed exclusively of children.

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