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I Spy In Common Game
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I Spy In Common is two games in one for ages 5 and up. It is published by BriarPatch Games and based on Scholastic Book's popular "I Spy" series. The game includes four game boards and 32 tiles which are two-sided. Each side of each tile is split up in frames like a domino and there are four small pictures on each side.
The first game is for two to four players. Each player takes a game board. All of the tiles are placed in a pile and each player selects eight. The tiles are then fit into the space allotted on the playing board, where each row, column and full diagonal is labeled. The players then have three minutes (there is a timer included) to try to come up with commonalities between any given object in each of the four frames in every column, row and full diagonal. For example, if within the frames in one column, you find a donut, a ball, a coin and a kiwi fruit slice, you can say "things that are round". Players receive a point for each commonality they can find in a column. The total points they receive after two games is their final score. Naturally, high score wins!
The second, simpler version of the game (which is recommended for players ages 5-7 but is a good warm-up for players of any ages) is called In Commonoes. Each player is given four tiles and the rest are placed in the box top. One tile is taken from the box top and placed in the center of the table and players take turns placing another tile next to it, dominoes-style, and stating what the two (or four) frames have in common. If a player can't find anything in common, they must choose another tile from the box. The first player to get rid of all of their tiles wins. For a cooperative-gaming twist, all players can work together to put all of the tiles on the table, and everybody wins.
This game is an excellent game for a Family Game Night. Its simplicity is deceptive, adults may find it as challenging as children do. Remember your reading glasses, though, some of the pictures are awfully tiny.

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A great family game that's fun for all ages.Let your imagination run wild...Animals with four legs.Things with wheels. Green things, blue things.Can you spot what's In Common on your game tiles?Find as many commonalities as you can. There's also a version so younger children can play like dominoes. I SPY In Common is a multiple award winner and Parenting Magazine's Toy of The Year in 2005.It is for 2 to 4 players, ages 5 and up.

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