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Guidecraft Kitchen Helper
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We were excited about the idea of our two-year-old being included in out kitchen activities (instead of parked in front of a computer or TV screen), so this item and the Learning Tower both seemed to be the answer. The foldaway feature and white-/chalk-boards, as well as the lower price, led us to the Kitchen Helper. While it's been very popular and used frequently each day, it's not wearing well after just 4-5 weeks. Workmanship is poor, with some hinges installed in positions where they block the panels from opening fully, which in turn prevent one of the two security latches from closing, to keep the structure locked open for safety. With use, ALL of the allen-wrench bolts used require tightening about once a week. The simple assembly originally seemed a blessing, but now we've learned that pieces can turn slightly out of place, which makes the Kitchen Helper appear to be sloppily constructed/assembled. We've also had problems with water affecting the wood finish (if it's been sealed, I can't tell); my son spends much time using it at the kitchen sink and water spills have darkened the wood in places and seem to absorb into it, which will shorten its life. We've also had some of the plywood veneer chip off of the platform with only gentle (shoeless) use). Last, the "feet" that attach to each of the legs just aren't big or strong enough to truly prevent toppling of the tower. A child who pushes away from a countertop or work surface could easily knock it over if the legs snagged on carpet or caught on an uneven wood floor.
The concept is great...anything that keeps kids engaged with kitchen activities and involved with mom or dad is a winning idea. But the design, construction and materials of the Kitchen Helper make it a purchase that has only disappointed us.

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Kid's Easy Fold Counter Height Maple Finish Wood Kitchen Helper
Dimensions: 20.25" W 36.75"D 20.75"H
Finish: Natural
Material: Wood
Kid's Easy Fold Counter Height Natural Finish Wood Kitchen Helper
Lightweight (weight under 18lbs), easy to move and easier to store
Folds FLAT for easy storages - less than 7" wide.
Our kitchen helper safely and securely allows children to reach countertop height.
Adjust to 3 heights to grow with a child.
Platform bolts in place for added security
Dry erase and chalkboards for floor-level fun.
Wood construction with a natural finish.
Ship assembled.
Safety tested to ASTM Standard F963-07
Safety supports up to 125 lbs. total weight.

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