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Detour The Ultimate Vacation Game
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Wow! What can I say about this game! Quite frankly, this may be the best board game our family has ever played. No, I take that back, it is the best board game our family has ever played! As the earlier review states, the object is to go around the board "visiting" different vacation spots and thereby grabbing a card. When you get all 8 cards, you go home and you're the winner. Sounds easy - actually it is. Even our 5 year old could play and play well. But at the same time it is very challenging, even entertaining for adults. What makes this game so great are the rotating disks that change the layout of the road. You are heading for that last vacation card when all of a sudden, your 7 year old gets a "Detour" to come up on the little gas station. Bingo, he just changed your direction and you have to go completely aroung the board to get to your destination!
The game can be played with 2 to 4 players, but quite frankly 3 or 4 are needed to make it really fun. Two players can play and make it more interesting by using 2 cars.
What makes this game so great is 2 major things. First, 99% of the games are EXTREMELY close at the end. In almost all of our games, most everybody has at least 7 cards and usually 8 at the end. Often we all have 8 cards and it's a mad dash for home. There are no wipeouts here. Second, kids can play on an equal level with adults. You don't have to let them win or help them - they can beat you without your help.
What's also great about this game is it is simple yet challenging. The directions are on 1 page. Less than 5 minutes reading and you're ready to play. Setup is a snap with only 4 cars, and 32 cards to lay out. Also, kids can play alone without adults with absolutely no problem at all. This is not an educational game perse, but it does teach problem solving.
The game also is very sturdy and attractively packaged. It is not sold in most major toy stores because it is a foreign company, I guess. But don't let that stop you from purchasing this game. It is great. This game would be a great gift for any child or family. And if your shopping for a birthday or Christmas present, you can be pretty sure no child has this game. The game may be a priced a little higher than most, but believe me, it is worth it. This is a must game!

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